Monday, January 12, 2009

Materialistic Girls' Club

Why is it that guys seem to invent everything useful and cool? I don't mean this as a blanket statement--so no need to bring up Madame Curie--but if the battle of the sexes includes a technological arms race, our side is definitely losing it! The problem is that girls don't always get that sense of awe and wonder at what we are able to achieve and build if we just put our minds to it. We have the same rational abilities as men, and nowadays the benefits of education are equally conferred on us. There is the unharnessed, raw power of the Internet at our disposal if we need any sort of information. I can find a bridesmaid gown online for $19.99--but what have I built lately? What have I contributed to the storehouse of weapons we use to subdue the physical world? Sure, this isn't really important in the grand spiritual scheme of life. However, if everything we do is straw anyway, perhaps some of the straw we leave behind can be gadgets, whatsits, devices that can help with some practical need. Women are great at pinpointing practical needs: we should also be great at solving and resolving them. Let's think of what we can do to come up with something new and original, something that will aid us or others in the humdrum tasks of our lives, and free us up for more fun things, like chatting on the phone with each other or watching a girly movie!