Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Am I Attractive?

Today's vain post brought to you by coffee from the Daily Grind. On the way to said coffee shop, as I walked down Main Street, I thought to myself, "I look pretty good." I don't always feel I look good, but fairly often I do. This time, my appreciation of my own beauty was heightened by the fact that it's a perfect day out--70 degrees, sunny, nary a cloud to be seen. I felt so good about myself that I kept my head high and didn't glance in a single shop window to see my own reflection. By this point, you're thinking that the end of this story is my tripping and falling into a great big mud puddle, and that would be poetic justice, I admit. Somehow, however, I made it to DG, got my small Turtle, and made my way back. As I walked back to work, though, my musing changed. Having already digested the fact that I looked attractive, I began to wonder: why? Why am I attractive? It's a puzzle. I know the largest part of it has to do with my being a woman, but I still don't quite get it. Baffling.