Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can shorts be feminine?

Too much of the dialogue concerning femininity centers upon matters of dress. On the other hand, since women love dress, perhaps it's not too much per se, but it does have the tendency to continue ad nauseam. The feminine spirit cannot be distilled into a skirt, long, short, soft, flowy, or otherwise. Yet, to truly imitate Our Lady, a woman must understand and live modesty as part of her specific mission. A lot of that has to do with dress. Therefore, the question of this post is one of a practical nature that could be discussed with profit. Is there a place in a woman's wardrobe for shorts of moderate length? Under what circumstances can this garment be employed (and enjoyed) by ladies? :)


Mabel said...

I think that shorts can definitely be feminine. This is especially so when, for example, doing yardwork, going on a picnic in the park, riding a bike, etc. Shorts allow one to perform these actions gracefully and with dignity, while a skirt would often get in the way.

Even if you are adept at wearing a skirt (I know many ladies who are, but I am not one of them), shorts add a lightened, relaxed feel to a woman's wardrobe. Of course, I speak not of super short shorts, but moderate length shorts and even (or especially) the very long shorts that are in style right now. They allow for a tasteful spin on summer, that is at once cool, comfortable, and attractive.

My 2 cents's worth, anyway.

healthily sanguine said...

Thanks mabel! ;) I agree with your post. In fact, I coveted some of those new, stylish, long shorts of which you write and so finally purchased some online. They do add just the touch of summer coolness I craved. When I was a child in Texas, shorts were an indispensable part of my wardrobe for outdoor activities. Now, I again feel the desperate need to get out of doors and feel that good shorts facilitate that end without making me immodest or incongruous. Perhaps I need more thought on this, though.

Kitchen Madonna said...

I just wear skorts and am done with it! LOL I'm sure they can be feminine but I've gotten uncomfortable with letting men see the conformation of my backside if you know what I mean. The webstite and catalog "Title Nine" has a great selection.

I think men appreciate skirts and dresses much more. That is mostly what I've worn for years now.

That said, you'll know it when you see it, shorts or skorts or hula skirt! LOL