Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty and Change

How do we reconcile a healthy physical self-image and a deep knowledge of one's inner beauty with the desire to change one's physical appearance? How much of our idea of beauty comes from the things we do to ourselves rather than just the very fact of our being? Is beauty a transcendental, and thus, can it be applied to everything that exists? Do we experience beauty this way or do we think of it as an unknown standard to which everything, including our outward facades, must comply? Why do women wear makeup?

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bakerstreetrider said...

I wish knew. :-)

The face, I think, the best expression of who we are. Consider how much we can tell about a person by their facial expression and even their facial characteristics. Wearing a little makeup, while keeping one's overall appearance, does not present a false image of oneself. However, if it is to the point where we look very different with and without, I think it can be almost dishonest.