Monday, February 2, 2009

The Perfect Wedding

As the special day approaches on which a woman will marry the man she loves, her heart starts to fill to bursting--with a multitude of concerns about her dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the church, the reception hall, the food, the flowers, the invitations, the relatives, the baby's breath, the utensils, the amount of alcohol, the honeymoon, the money to be spent, etc. Her feminine mind, though used to multi-tasking, may quickly be overwhelmed with stress!

It may truthfully be said that an engagement ring is a good test of a man. He must sacrifice a substantial portion of his income for what may seem to him a small and insignificant thing, a little ring; yet he puts the care and thought into it that he must put into the daily sacrifices he will do for the bride he has won. The wedding, on the other hand, tests the woman. She must somehow manage this grand event, with people everywhere--hordes of people!--unsavory relatives, anxious parents, restive bridesmaids, unknown future relatives. She has to coordinate all the little touches that will serve her guests. As she will be to her new family, she is now, the servant of all. Nevertheless, in the midst of much serving, she can never lose sight that everything has come about because of love.

Without love, there would be no marriage, no engagement, no courtship, and indeed no beginning to one's life at all. Can anyone ever say she made love happen? Love comes from above, given freely, never orchestrated or concocted. The demands of love are simple: love always, in every single moment. Thus, amid the multiplicity of cares and tasks a lady must tackle in preparing the solemnity of her wedding, she looks to distill them into one simple act. She will love. She will love God, love her husband, love her family, and love all her wedding guests. In this love, no matter the details of the ceremony or the reception, the most beautiful wedding possible will emerge.